‘Crazy man’ who spent RM30,000 on Merdeka Day decorations


KUANTAN: For the love of the country, an eatery owner in Peramu here has been willing to spend more than RM30,000 for the past 16 years to adorn the premises with National Day theme items come August every year.

Although he has been dubbed as a ‘crazy man’ for spending so much money for that purpose, Wan Rahimi Wan Mokhtar, 54, is not bothered, as long as he can express his love for the country.

“Some people have questioned and talked behind my back, they say I’m wasting money by doing this. But it does not dampen my spirit, I feel proud that my efforts caught their attention.

“This is also one of the promotional efforts to draw more customers. Some of them come to the shop to eat and take pictures, that is enough for me,” he told Bernama.

The decorations include the national flag; paintings of the Father of Independence Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj, and the national flower, the hibiscus, as well as a hibiscus-shaped replica.

“I am currently in the process of constructing a gateway with the national day theme in front of the premises,” he said adding that he hoped his efforts would instill the spirit of patriotism among the younger generation.

Wan Rahimi has represented Pahang in 2013 and 2015 in Keceriaan Merdeka, a competition for residential National Day decorations. “Although I didn’t win it is enough for me if I could represent the state, for me what is important is the patriotism spirit,” he said.