JDT slams Perak FA and police after pitch violence


PETALING JAYA: Johor’s football team has accused the Perak Football Association and the police of failing to ensure the safety of JDT supporters at last night’s Super League match in Ipoh.

Johor Darul Ta’zim questioned the lack of security measures following violence among supporters after the home team had lost 0-1 to the visiting Southern Tigers last night

In a statement today, JDT said that the incident should never have happened.

Only 100 police personnel were assigned to control the safety of 35,000 fans as opposed to Stadium Tan Sri Hassan Yunos, Larkin, which allocates no less than 1,000 personnel to ensure safety, it said.

“The fans’ buses were also attacked as they were leaving but the lowest point of the night was when the home fans hurled insults at the visitors and even chanted ‘JDT bangsat’ while the Johor state anthem was sung,” the statement said.

“Enough with the slander,” JDT added.

A photographer of New Straits Times Press and at least two JDT supporters were reportedly injured after a commotion that broke out after the match.

The provocation erupted when JDT supporters ran into the middle of the field to celebrate their victory, causing the supporters of both teams to throw bottles at each other as well as firecrackers.

About 1,000 JDT supporters were instructed by the authorities to gather in the middle of the field for about 30 minutes after that as a security measure.