Mahathir no longer relevant to Umno, says Rahman Dahlan


KUALA LUMPUR: Barisan Nasional spokesman Abdul Rahman Dahlan has questioned the relevance of Dr Mahathir Mohamad in today’s political context, pointing out that the former premier is no longer a concern of Umno.

“Are we seriously thinking about Dr Mahathir? I think we have come to a stage where he is no longer an issue in the party,” he said at a press conference last night, in response to a report about Dr Mahathir being caught on video using the word “keling”.

While acknowledging that Mahathir has indeed contributed a lot to Umno’s history, Abdul Rahman stressed that the party wanted to look forward.

“Dr Mahathir belongs to the past of Umno. I don’t think he deserves much of our attention especially now that he decides to be a part of the opposition. Whatever he says, I have no feelings for Dr Mahathir. Unfortunately,” he said.

A police report has been lodged under the Sedition Act regarding the 25-second long video clip circulating on social media.

Dr Mahathir is shown disparaging Prime Minister Najib Razak’s handling of the Islamic State terrorist network, sarcastically saying: “On Najib fighting IS, we can see Najib holding a rifle to fight IS. What do the keling say, ‘podah’ (get lost). All lies.”

The video clip was believed to have been recorded in Langkawi in May.