Rahman: Opposition uses emotions, not brains


KUALA LUMPUR: Umno Supreme Council member Abdul Rahman Dahlan says Opposition politicians have made Malaysia the most stressed-out country in the world.

“Why? Because we have an Opposition that doesn’t use their brains to think, only their emotions,” he said when speaking at Kepong Umno division’s annual assembly yesterday.

He said the barrage of slanderous statements and wild accusations from members of the Opposition have made Najib Razak the most stressed out Prime Minister in the world.

Abdul Rahman, who is a minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, said the Opposition was losing ground and were trying to gain political mileage by hurling baseless accusations at Najib, “from the day he took office” (in 2009).

He accused Opposition parties of lacking solid policies and said their only ammunition against Barisan Nasional consisted of the slogan “pick me because Umno is bad.”

However he said the Opposition should have stated “pick me because I’m better. And these are my sets of economic, social and welfare policies. But no, they (Opposition) only want your votes by saying the other side is bad. That is not politics”.

Abdul Rahman said such tactics were “destructive politics, and that’s why we are stressed. Lucky we have a PM who is patient and valiant.”

He also picked on a current Opposition theme and said there was no mystery about the identity of the unnamed “Malaysian Official 1″ stated in civil suits filed by the US Justice Department and widely believed to be a reference to Najib Razak.

“Only an idiot doesn’t know who that person is,” Rahman said. The real question that should have been raised, however, was why “Malaysian Official 1” was not named outright.

The reason was that Najib was not involved or has any part in the investigations into the assets named in the suits. “And it is not fair to name him. So the DoJ used this as a reference to an individual. This is actually an indication that Najib is not part of the investigations. This is a good thing.”