Rahman: Overreacting won’t solve T’ganu crisis


KUALA LUMPUR: The leadership crisis in Terengganu cannot be resolved if everyone is overreacting, Barisan Nasional Strategic Communications Director Abdul Rahman Dahlan has said.

He said now was not the time to act hastily but to let the heated political situation in the state settle down so everyone could discuss the matter calmly.

“Most importantly, we shouldn’t be nervous and act hastily, so that the political temperature can go down,” he said to reporters during a press conference yesterday.

Rahman who is also a minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, was responding to the possibility of fresh state elections being held in Terengganu, after a public spat erupted between the state’s Menteri Besar Ahmad Razif Abdul Rahman and Kijal assemblyman and former Menteri Besar Ahmad Said.

“We cannot solve a problem if everyone wants to raise their voice against each other.

“Lower your voices, then we can discuss (the matter). I’m sure that there’s a way to solve this for everyone in Terengganu,” he said.

Rahman said it was normal for any political party to face an internal crisis, and pointed out that even the Opposition had their fair share of problems.

“DAP also has a lot of problems. So does Amanah, PAS, and PKR.

“In that context, we want our members to be calm. If we are positive, then it means that whenever there’s a political crisis, we will be more ready and alert.”

Taking a philosophical stand over the crisis in Terengganu, Rahman said, “When we have a crisis, it makes us more mature, understanding and ready to face bigger problems in the future.”

Earlier, Ahmad Razif dismissed speculation that he would be ousted as the state’s menteri besar and was confident that there would be no move to call for a motion of no confidence against him at the state assembly sitting on Monday.

The root of the current squabble began two years ago when Ahmad Said was forced to step down to make way for Ahmad Razif.

Ahmad Said’s recent threat about a “hung” assembly led to a suggestion by Ahmad Razif that early state elections could be called as a solution to the leadership crisis.

It was reported meanwhile that Ahmad Said may likely face disciplinary action by Umno for his public criticism towards Ahmad Razif and the party’s leadership.