‘I have always wanted to start a foodlogue’ says Khairy


PETALING JAYA: Aside from politics, Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin appears to be an avid food critic, as several posts on his Instagram account documenting his adventures with local delicacies, show all too clearly.

“I have always wanted to start a foodlogue chronicling my travels across our beautiful country.

“I have had the honour of being served some of the best authentic local dishes and brought to great hidden gems only locals know about,” he said in an Instagram post, noting that his adventures on Malaysian food were part of his hectic work schedule which took him to various places across the country.

“With Instagram, it’s easier for me to catalogue some of the best food Malaysia has to offer.”

Khairy’s food review begins with what he describes as “one of the best maggi udang you will have” in Kampung Padang Machang, Terengganu.

“After a long punishing day of political work that started in KL at 6am which took me to Dungun and Setiu, my friend Joe B brought me to Padang Machang, near his kampung (hometown).”

“The maggi was cooked perfectly (slightly al dente) and it was clean as in just an egg and not too much vegetables tossed in.

“The taste was exquisite. There was clearly something different here. All of this was savoured with the generously plump udang galah (prawns).”

According to Khairy, the maggi udang hails from a restaurant called Meggi Dapur Kayu, in Padang Machang, Kuala Terengganu.

Khairy also attempted to tackle the contentious question of “which is the best durian” in one of his posts, in which he reviewed the infamous black thorn durian, also known as “ochee durian.”

“The texture of the ochee is flawless much like a Lancôme model’s face. It’s skin is tight but soft to the touch.

“Colouring of course can vary but the best was (as per my picture) a golden brown. The fruits sit like a fluffy pillow in its pod.”

As a durian lover, the perfect balance of its taste is very important, he noted.

“To me, good durian should be bittersweet. Both sensations in the mouth, engaging the front and back of your tongue.

“Ochee does this. It’s bitter and sweet at the same time. The smooth texture carries on in your mouth with the fruit lathering creamily on your tongue, not feeling fibrous like other durians.”

The Ochee durian, also the winner of the 2012 Penang Durian competition, is sold in Nibong Tebal for about RM40 per kilo, he said.

Meanwhile, the Rembau MP also raved about the strangely addictive Nasi Ganja, known as nasi vanggey.

Described as “Ipoh’s answer to Nasi Kandar,” Khairy says the nasi vanggey he had at Restoran Nasi Vanggey in Ipob, was very much like “nasi campur with lauk of your choice.” The “pièce de résistance” however was the gravy that one should order by simply asking for “kuah campur.”

“Your taste buds are as comatose as Putrajaya is on a Friday night. You know you should stop but you keep going.

“It becomes addictive even when you cant taste anything any longer.

“Hence the moniker nasi ganja – for its addictive qualities rather than the urban legend that the gravy is laced with a healthy dose of Mary Jane,” Khairy says.