I never declared Pokemon Go ‘haram’, says FT mufti


PETALING JAYA: Federal Territories Mufti Zulkifli Mohamad al-Bakri is blaming online news portals for misquoting him as having said that it is “haram” (forbidden) to play Pokemon Go.

Based on a statement issued on his Facebook page yesterday, the mufti said he had never issued a fatwa forbidding the game but rather had said that Muslims should avoid the game if it led to harm.

“We regret that the edict has been manipulated by some online media by making their own conclusion without in-depth research.

“Such misleading headlines have given a negative image of the mufti institution and Muslim scholars as a whole in the eyes of fellow Muslims as well as non-Muslims,” Zulkifli said.

The statement pointed out that the reason the Mufti never used the word “haram” was because it was never stated in the Quran or Hadith (sayings of the Prophet Muhammad).

“Such methods are among the manhaj (methodology) used by Imam al-Shafi’i in issuing a law or decree.

“For example, Imam al-Shafi’i sometimes in a law would state ‘akrah’ (I hate) or sometimes he would say ‘lam uhibb’ (I do not like). He does clearly state whether something is haram or legitimate,” Zulkifli said, referring to one of the four Imams of the Sunni Muslim schools of faith.

“If the word haram is used, it could bring about a negative impact and could be inappropriate for our society.”

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