MCA: ‘Nonsense’ that Chinese firms don’t hire Malays


PETALING JAYA: MCA central committee member Koh Chin Han says Tajuddin Abdul Rahman of Umno is “talking nonsense” by accusing Chinese firms of discriminating against Malays.

Koh said this when retaliating against a remark made by Tajuddin yesterday at the opening of the Permatang Pauh Umno wings divisional meeting.

Arguing that fresh graduates were hired based on merit and not race, Koh also demanded Tajuddin back-up his claims with solid proof.

“Does Tajuddin have any valid evidence on his allegation of Chinese-owned private firms refusing to hire Malays?

“If none at all, he is merely spreading allegations in attempts to divide the Malays and Chinese, which is a very vicious act,” news portal Malaysiakini quoted Koh, who is also a senator, as saying in a statement he issued today.

Koh also accused Tajuddin of lacking confidence in the ability of the Malays to land jobs in the private sector and lamented that the Umno Supreme Council member had resorted to playing the race card in the end.

“I am quite curious as to whether Tajuddin has lived in his race-based circle for such a long time and has thus become like the proverbial frog in a well, starting to see things with a racist mindset?

“Or does Tajuddin lack confidence in the capability of Malays that he thinks the private sector is discriminating against Malays?” Malaysiakini reported him as saying.

Insisting merit trumped race when the job applications of fresh graduation were reviewed, Koh argued that a candidate’s capabilities, attitude, experience and past performance were emphasised to guarantee the continued success of a company.

“Factors like race and religion are usually not taken into consideration at all.

“There are many bright Malay employees who are working in the private sector and government-linked companies,” he added.

In his speech yesterday, Tajuddin told the Chinese media that they were free to report on his remarks as no one else “dared” talk about it.

He also said the discrimination against the Malays had resulted in some 1.5 million of them having no other recourse but to enter the civil service.