TMJ puzzled at proposal to deduct points in mid-season


PETALING JAYA: The Crown Prince of Johor says he is puzzled as to why certain quarters are suggesting points be deducted from football teams when their fans misbehave.

In an interview posted on the Johor Southern Tigers’ Facebook Page, Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim pointed out that the Super League was already in the middle of the season.

“It (deduction of points) should have been raised and implemented before the start of the season.

“However, should FAM decide to implement it now, we will accept their decision if we are guilty of the said offence,” Tunku Ismail said, referring to the Football Association of Malaysia.

He also said he had proposed a similar measure to FAM two years ago.

While Tunku Ismail did not refer to anyone in particular, he may have been alluding to Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin who had proposed such a measure on the basis that imposing monetary penalties on teams whose supporters behaved poorly was no longer effective.

Khairy, who was commenting on crowd trouble at the Perak Stadium over the weekend, argued that while penalties were usually paid by the team or the club, the problem still persisted.

On the incident itself, Tunku Ismail, who owns Johor Darul Ta’zim (JDT), claimed that both the print media and social media fabricated “much of the story” to make it seem that his team was at fault and caused the whole commotion.

“I have a special task force from the Johor Police Contingent attached to the JDT team at all times both at home matches and away.

“I have received and studied the reports from them, and the difference between their reports and the recent reports issued by the print media as well as the social media are appalling.”

He urged all parties to hear and read the reports from both sides first before laying the blame on anyone.

Three people including a photographer were injured in the clash between supporters of Perak and those of JDT in a Super League match on Saturday.