Bangladeshi ‘hero’ shot tackling armed robber

PETALING JAYA: Many would shudder at the mere thought of crossing paths with anyone with a gun, let alone fight with one.

But this was not the case with Bangladeshi Tareem Islah Taraz.

The 23-year-old tackled a robber from behind as he saw his colleague at a petrol station being threatened at gunpoint, The Star Online reported.

The drama unfolded about 5pm on Sunday when a gun-wielding robber rushed into the petrol station in Setapak and shouted at the cashier, also a Bangladeshi, to hand over the day’s takings.

The frightened cashier walked away from the cash counter.

It was then that Tareem, who was on duty at the petrol pump area, sneaked up from behind the robber as the latter was rummaging for cash behind the counter.

Caught off guard, the robber fired three shots – one of which hit Tareem on the waist, while two others, hit the ceiling and the shelf.

According to the news portal, the 33-year-old suspect was pinned down by the petrol station workers and members of the public until police arrived 15 minutes later and arrested him.

Tareem dismissed his heroic act as “the right thing to do”.

“The pain was excruciating but I knew I had to do something before my friends and customers were harmed,” he was quoted as saying.

Although he fears that he may be victimised for his heroic act, it was mitigated by the support from his boss and colleagues.

The robber also suffered a fractured leg when he was wrestled to the ground.

Further to the arrest of the suspect, it has since been reported that police have also arrested a 32-year-old man, who had allegedly lent the gun to the suspect for the robbery.

The second suspect has a criminal record for drug-related offences and possession of a firearm.

Both men are under remand to facilitate investigations.