Impose limits on Pokemon Go, says Jakim


PUTRAJAYA: There should be limits imposed on Pokemon Go so that religious institutions will not be affected since children may become too preoccupied with the reality game, said the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim) Director-General Othman Mustapha.

He said places of worship, including mosques, should not be used as a location to search for the characters of the game.

Othman, who also tried to play the game to experience for himself, said several characters in the game were detected at mosque areas.

He said the company that developed the game application was not very sensitive towards places of worship.

“In my opinion, the game has a few pros as it encourages people to exercise when it requires players to walk to locate the characters but there should be a limit,” he told Bernama yesterday.

It was improper for someone to go to places of worship just to play the game. In fact, the game had also brought about various negative impacts, Othman said.