Tailor ready to celebrate Merdeka with a difference

Alex Kong

GEORGE TOWN: With  independence day around the corner, Malaysians of all races can be seen displaying the Jalur Gemilang – national flag of Malaysia – in various forms to mark the auspicious day when the country achieved independence.

To enliven the celebrations in each state, various “Fly the Jalur Gemilang” campaigns are kicked off, according to their creativity.

Tailor Alex Kong, 40, for the past 10 years has showed his patriotism towards the country with a difference by using the Jalur Gemilang to design costumes that he displays at his shop.

According to Kong, the inspiration came from his friends and the late icon Sudirman Haji Arshad, who had donned the Jalur Gemilang on stage when singing Merdeka songs.

In the past, Kong only produced shirts and pants, but this year he included a slight change by adding a 19-metre Jalur Gemilang that comprised a combination of various sizes of flags, appearing like a tail.

However, Kong said his “Merdeka” clothes were only made for display at his shop in Jalan Gurdwara throughout the month, adding that he also intended to contribute some of his creations to the museum.