ASGA: ‘Silence’ from M’sia on MH370-related items


KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Government, according to Air Crash Support Group Australia (ASGA), has shown no interest in “new evidence” which might emerge from more than 160 personal items lying on a remote beach in Africa, according to a report filed by ABC News.

The Malaysian Government, allegedly, hasn’t picked up the items despite being alerted two months ago.

Amateur sleuths have in the meantime been going through the personal items to help fill the vacuum on information available. Apparently, they have managed to link these items to MH370. “This shows why the items merit attention by the authorities concerned,” said Sher Kean of ASGA.

The items were reportedly found along the same eight-kilometre stretch of coastline in Madagascar where items confirmed as from MH370 had previously been found.

These items, according to ASGA which represents the families of those on board MH370, may belong to their loved ones and could provide “new evidence” in the search for the missing aircraft.

Kean disclosed that an “unbelievably high amount” of personal items were found along that particular stretch of beach.

“Handbags, phone cases, parts of computer cases, clothing, prayer caps,” said Kean in listing some of the items. “The interesting thing is that all the wreckage that has washed up in that location indicates that it’s internal.”

Malaysia will not pick them up, she alleged, following the three times that officials indicated they will pick them up, but cancelled every time. “Everything is still sitting there degrading … nobody cares.”

She had even written to the Malaysian Minister of Transport, asking him to hand over the items to ASGA, if he’s not interested in them. “We have had absolutely no response.”

The letter was sent in June.

Malaysia, added Kean, seems to be ignoring the relatives’ pleas to gather the evidence lying on the beach.