Khairuddin: Snap polls if Bersatu seen as a threat


SUNGAI BULOH: Former Batu Kawan Umno Division Vice-Chairman Khairuddin Abu Hassan says it is likely BN would hold snap polls.

He was commenting on former Deputy Prime Minister Musa Hitam’s prediction that BN might push for the elections to be held earlier before former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s new party Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) gets a foothold.

Speaking to FMT, Khairuddin said it was possible if BN viewed the party as a threat.

“Anything is possible now. So, I tend to agree with Tun Musa,” he said speaking at Anwar Ibrahim’s birthday celebration outside the Sg Buloh Prison.

“That’s why my stance on Tun M’s new party is that I do not have any intentions of joining it.

“If you want to form a new party, it cannot be a stop-gap party. It has to be everlasting.”

He added that he will continue following Mahathir’s orders.

Malaysiakini quoted Musa as saying he expected the snap polls to be held “very soon”.

He said the biggest challenge for those who opposed the government would be to get together and become a cohesive force.

Speaking after launching his new book, “Frankly Speaking”, in Kuala Lumpur today, Musa said the biggest challenge for the Opposition would be on seat allocation.

He said he supported a two-party system as this would allow for a strong Opposition for the purpose of check-and-balance.