Religion in schools: MIC Youth stands with Mahdzir

Mahdzir Khalid

PETALING JAYA: MIC Youth chief Sivarraajh Chandran agrees with Education Minister Mahdzir Khalid’s remark that national schools should not be “too Islamic.”

In a statement issued yesterday, Sivarraajh said the freedom to practise one’s own religion should begin in schools.

“The Education Minister doesn’t mean to abolish Islamic studies completely, but to ensure that religion is not completely amalgamated into education,” he said.

He pointed out that Mahdzir was talking specifically about certain practices observed in schools at present.

“Many schools play the azan and recite the Quran during assemblies. Such practices have been carried out in national schools for ages, but no issue was made of it until recently.

“Sacrificing cows is an example of something that shouldn’t have taken place in school compounds first of all. It shows that the feelings of other races were not taken into consideration and it ignored the sensitivity of Malaysia’s multiracial school population,” Sivarraajh said.

He added that those who were “religiously shallow” feared modernisation while practical-minded and spiritually-matured people were not afraid, and held on to their beliefs.

“Many mistakenly believe that Islam does not tolerate the existence of other religions present in the world, but the truth remains that Islam is one of the most peaceful religions as its Prophet strictly warned against any maltreatment of people of other faiths.

“It’s the extremists who have created all sorts of false and wrong impressions of Islam.”