Sanjeevan arrested, again


PETALING JAYA: MyWatch chairman R Sri Sanjeevan was arrested again today, this time for allegedly extorting a gaming centre owner.

Bukit Aman D7 Principal Assistant Director SAC Roslee Chik, in a statement today, confirmed the arrest, saying that Sanjeevan was currently held at the Kajang police headquarters.

“There are 20 investigation papers on the suspect. He will be charged in Temerloh (Pahang) tomorrow,” said Roslee.

Sanjeevan today tweeted about his arrest, claiming the manner he was brought in made him feel like an Islamic State suspect.

“No matter what, I will fight on.”

Sanjeevan’s lawyer S Preakas, when contacted, told FMT that he received a call from the former’s wife at 4.30pm informing him of the arrest.

However, he was not provided with any more details and is currently awaiting further information before making his way to the police station.

“The police are not telling us anything yet. So, we are waiting for confirmation but his (Sanjeevan) wife is at the station now.”

Sanjeevan was first arrested in June following a complaint by an illegal gambling business owner, who claimed he had received a call from him asking for RM25,000 in “protection” money.

The former PKR man had allegedly threatened to expose the operator on Facebook, to the media, or the police, if he failed to pay the protection money.

Early last month, Sanjeevan was detained under the Prevention of Crime Act (Poca) 1959, barely a month after he claimed that authorities would nab him under the said law.

He was charged on July 20, 2016, and pleaded not guilty to two charges of hiring an illegal worker and committing extortion.

Sanjeevan’s arrest today marks the eighth time he has been detained by police in a span of two months for various offences.