Thai mauled to death by durian-loving bear


GUA MUSANG: The body of a Thai, believed to have been mauled to death by a durian-loving bear, was found at an orchard in Renok Baru Kesedar Land Development Plan here early today.

The remains of Mat Didik @ Madidi Basa, 40, who sustained head injuries, was found about 6am in a ditch.

The body was sent to the district hospital.

District Police Chief Supt Rajab Ahad Ismail said the victim’s son, Mohamad Naim, 15, had earlier gone looking for him early in the morning when he failed to return home from the orchard last night.

Met at the hospital, Muhamad Naim said he and an uncle, Mohd Zulhaidi Hamat, 23, initially went looking for his father at the orchard about 3am.

However, upon spotting a bear, which was foraging for durians in the vicinity, they changed their mind and returned home.

About three hours later, the duo returned to the orchard, only to stumble on Mat Didik’s body.

The teenager said previously, his father had cautioned the family that a bear was prowling the orchard to eat durians.

Mat Didik’s mother-in-law, Mariam Ab Rahman, 56, said she had advised him repeatedly against venturing into the orchard at night for fear of attacks by wild animals.

“Last night, after dinner, I advised him again not to go to the orchard… I am sad he was killed.”

Mat Didik is survived by a local wife and four children.