Sanjeevan out on bail after latest arrest


PETALING JAYA: MyWatch chairman R Sri Sanjeevan was freed on bail this morning, following his arrest Thursday.

Sanjeevan told FMT that he was released on RM3,000 bail with one surety by the Temerloh magistrate’s court in Pahang this morning.

“The team that arrested me comprised 15 men, and was led by a Superintendent, which is a rare occurrence. It gave the impression that I was like a terrorist,” he said.

After his arrest, Sanjeevan was taken to the Kajang police headquarters, before being sent to the Bera police headquarters in Pahang. He spent the night in the lock-up there.

This morning, Sanjeevan was charged at the Temerloh magistrate’s court with allegedly extorting RM1,500 from businessman Chan Leong Kwan, 40, on July 1, 2013.

He pleaded not guilty to the charge and was granted bail. The date for mention was set for Sept 7.

Sanjeevan questioned the circumstances behind his latest arrest. He asked why the police did not arrest him all this while, based on the 2013 report, despite him having attended so many police functions.

“Does this mean it takes the police three years to investigate a case, or was the IO (investigating officer) sleeping all this while? Or was the arrest and charge made due to pressure from Bukit Aman?” he asked.

He cried double standards, citing that reports against him were investigated by assistant superintendents and a “special team” from Bukit Aman, while his report about allegedly being abused while in police custody, was only assigned to an inspector from the district police headquarters.

“Why is so much special care and attention given to illegal gambling operators?” he asked.

Sanjeevan’s arrest yesterday marked the eighth time he has been detained by police in a span of two months for various offences.

Early last month, he was detained under the Prevention of Crime Act (Poca) 1959, and subsequently released, after initially being arrested for allegedly extorting RM25,000 in “protection” money from an illegal gambling business owner.