4m-long crocodile culled in Bako national park

Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC)

KUCHING: An adult crocodile measuring 14ft (4.3m) in length was culled in the waters of Teluk Paku in Bako National Park, some 40km from here early this morning.

The Sarawak Forestry Corporation said in a statement that the crocodile was culled by its Swift Wildlife Action Team after recent sightings by the park rangers.

“Our SWAT support team at Bako National Park had been alerted to hunt the crocodile. The male crocodile finally took the bait and hook this morning and was immediately culled,” according to the statement.

Nineteen locations including the waters of Bako National Park have been declared as Crocodile Removal Zones (CRZ), where the presence of crocodiles would pose dangers of serious human-crocodile conflicts.

CRZ-established areas as mostly highly-populated ones, as well as recreational areas, such as resorts, riverbanks, waterfronts, schools and clinics.

“For public safety, crocodiles found in the CRZ will be culled,” the statement added.