Johor Sultan’s plane catches the eye in Perth


PETALING JAYA: The Sultan of Johor is reported to have turned heads in Perth by flying over the city in his gold Boeing 737-800 private jet before landing at Perth airport.

Sultan Ibrahim Ismail’s arrival in Western Australia turned heads this time around due to the spectacle of his gold, fully customised Boeing 737, the Xinhua news agency reported from Canberra.

Sultan Iskandar and his wife, Raja Zarith Sofiah, are building a luxury holiday home, Xinhua reported. He owns a three-storey luxury mansion on the Perth waterfront on a plot of land purchased from the Western Australian government for A$6.5 million.

Xinhua said the Sultan, 57, had reportedly said he and his wife have long enjoyed Western Australia as a holiday destination because they largely go unnoticed.

The Sultan took delivery of his Boeing 737 in March. Painted in gold and sky-blue livery, it bears the royal crest of Johor on the tail and the state and Johor royal flags on its side.

The plane is believed to have cost more than A$100 million and is equipped with a dining room, bedroom, shower and three kitchens. It took two years to be completed to the Sultan’s specifications.