Najib pledges full commitment to Bangsamoro peace


KUALA LUMPUR: The Prime Minister, Najib Razak, has reiterated Malaysia’s commitment to the Bangsamoro peace deal in the southern Philippines “for as long as is desired”.

He said peace and harmony in the region, which has been torn by a separatist insurgency, would benefit not only Mindanao and the Bangsamoro people, but also the Philippines and the South-East Asian region.

“We also urge all parties to continue to pursue these goals,” he said in a statement hailing the re-launch of the Bangsamoro agreement.

The Philippines’ government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front are meeting in Kuala Lumpur this weekend to formally re-launch the implementation phase of the Bangsamoro agreement, which calls for self-government of the area.

Najib said the peaceful resolution of a decades-long conflict, that had cost the lives of tens of thousands, was a historic achievement.

“Malaysia has been proud to facilitate the negotiations that have contributed to delivering greater safety and stability in Mindanao, the Philippines and the region,” he said.

He said Malaysia respected the sovereignty of other countries but when “requested by the government of a friend and neighbour, we are happy to provide all possible assistance”. He pledged that Malaysia would be an honest broker in the negotiations.

He hailed the determination and vision of the Philippines’ new president, Rodrigo Duterte, in setting up the new peace roadmap.