Dzulkifli’s offer: Surrender, we can do a deal


PUTRAJAYA: Stop corrupt practices and abuses of power now or be prepared to face the brunt of MACC enforcement, says the new head of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.

Dzulkifli Ahmad, in sounding out the warning, called on those involved in corruption to surrender voluntarily for a possible lighter sentence against them.

“Come now, I have opened this opportunity, come anytime before action is taken. If actions have been taken, there is no need to see us. For those who are feeling the heat, they can come.

“We will study and discuss with the Attorney-General’s Chambers on what actions can be taken (for a lighter sentence) as the question of prosecution is under their purview,” he said in an interview with Bernama on Saturday.

He offered the overture in a calm tone but stressed that the commission would not be discriminatory in its efforts to flush out corruption in the country.

Dzulkifli, who took over from Abu Kassim Mohamed on Aug 1, said his primary focus upon taking the helm of the commission would be to enhance the value of integrity in the public and private sectors.

He said for the commission to mean business, the warning would be translated into raids of government or private offices if there was evidence of corrupt practices.

“Wait, soon there will be friendly visits from the new MACC chief commissioner,” he said.

He said after being on the MACC job for two weeks, it was enough to understand the commission and it was time to see the results of implementation.

“I’m a man of few words. I do not talk a lot. I like to advise and warn those involved in corruption to stop immediately.

“This is not an empty warning. For those who have been receiving incomes other than what is legitimate, it is bribery, please stop,” he said.