Group wants protection for ride-share passengers


PETALING JAYA: A public transport watchdog group wants to see increased protection provided for users of ride-sharing services such as Uber and GrabCar in case of accidents.

Ajit Johl, president of Pengguna-Pengguna Pengangkutan Awam Malaysia (4PAM) said the government should look at ensuring better privacy and protection.

“Accidents involving ride-sharing apps vehicles and how it affects passengers are a major concern and requires serious thought. 4PAM expects SPAD (the Land Public Transport Commission) to give the issue priority,” he said.

As ride-sharing services were a relatively new phenomenon, there may be many hidden aspects and he called for transparency and accountability in regulating the services.

“Among the things that we hope SPAD will address are the driver selection process, vehicle quality assurance, conflict resolution, tariff structuring, accident management, director and driver liability, quality of services, passenger charter and many other issues.”

He said the association believed SPAD would be strengthened if it was placed under the Transport Ministry under a minister who could look into issues of the public transport industry.

The Cabinet has announced that Uber and GrabCar services would come under regulation. SPAD chief executive officer Mohd Azharuddin Mat Sah presented proposals to the Cabinet on Wednesday on a revamp of the traditional taxi business and to expand services by recognising Uber and GrabCar.

Ajil urged SPAD to have open discussions with everyone involved so that users could get the most out of the system.