In Ipoh, they relax and Go for it all together


IPOH: A total of 500 ‘Pokemon Go’ enthusiasts took part in the ‘Pokemon Go Ipoh Mass Walk’ programme in Ipoh old town here today, to hunt Pokemon virtual characters in unison, and at a more relaxed and friendly pace.

The programme organised by Startup Ipoh, beginning from 9am to 5pm involved a distance of eight kilometres, including Jalan Panglima Bukit Gantang Wahab, Jalan Lim Bo Seng, Jalan Dato’ Sagor and Jalan Sultan Yusoff.

The event’s representative, Joanna Gough, said the participants were from across Perak, who joined as volunteers. No prizes were given as reward.

A player, Amostan Li Xian, 22, said he took part as he wanted to be part of the festive mood when catching Pokemon characters together.

Asked whether the game caused its gamers to become anti-social, he said it depended on individuals.

Lorry driver, Faisal Mokhtar, 32, who started the virtual game four days ago, said in his effort to collect as many Pokemon characters as possible, he overcame shyness and got closer with other gamers from different communities and age groups.