Jamal gets 50,000 red shirts ready for big rally


KUALA LUMPUR: After “Red Shirt” leader Mohd Ali Baharom or Ali Tinju offered 5,000 youths RM10 an hour for what he called charity work, “Red Shirt rally” organiser Jamal Md Yunos has printed 50,000 t-shirts to be sold to rally-goers at Putra World Trade Centre.

The shirts will be sold at RM10 a piece, to be worn by participants of the “Red Shirts Rally 2.0” which is meant to counter the Bersih 5 rally by the reform group which seeks to force prime minister Najib Razak to resign.

Jamal told reporters today: “We will not hesitate to go down on the same day, at the same time and in the same place. I, alongside my friends from non-governmental organisations from around the country are taking this seriously. This is not a joke.”

Last week, Ali Tinju said that he planned to gather 5,000 youths to carry out what he called charity work, at RM10 an hour. They would only be required to wear a shirt bearing the slogan “Defend the government, its leaders and country”.

Jamal said he was confident that Ali Tinju and himself would succeed in having a bigger turnout compared to a similar rally last year.

“Today I have 58,000 people who have agreed,” Jamal claimed. He stressed that as long as Bersih 5.0 carried out its activities within the laws, Red Shirt rally-goers would follow suit.

“If they use the law of the jungle, we will also use the law of the jungle. If they follow the rules, we will follow the rules. If not, we will do the same,” he said.

However, Jamal declined when asked if he would meet the organisers of Bersih 5.0, calling them “jungle folk”.

“To me, these jungle folk will not compromise because their minds are shallow,” he said. “We know that overthrowing the government requires the use of a democratic system via general elections and not by taking to the streets.”