Najib happy Johor Umno loyal to him and party’s struggle


KUALA LUMPUR: Umno President and Prime Minister Najib Razak today expressed happiness that Johor Umno remains loyal to him and the party’s struggle.

The prime minister said the support was made evident by Johor Menteri Besar Mohamed Khaled Nordin at the Kota Tinggi Umno division delegates meeting today.

Najib said Johor Umno remained as strong as ever despite the ‘turbulence’ of recent months.

“Umno was not born by the roadside, but was born on the steps of Istana Besar Johor. Umno was not born based out of hatred, but based on the struggle to uphold the religion, race and country.

“As such, it is only appropriate for Johor to be the stronghold of Umno.

“Ensure that our party will continue to be successful and that Johor will continue to be a stronghold of Umno and Barisan Nasional,” he said on his Facebook page.