Young Umno leaders must be given chance to participate


TENOM: Umno information chief Annuar Musa wants barriers between senior and young leaders to be abolished to ensure the continuity of the political party.

The senior Kelantan Umno man said the young generation in the party have their own ways of addressing challenges that may differ from those used by senior leaders.

“The continuity of Umno’s political struggle depends on future leaders because they are the stakeholders. I expect the Youth and Puteri wings to play a proactive role.

“On the other hand, Umno’s senior leaders have to give them the space and confidence to participate actively in various activities.

“This is an important prerequisite and should not lead to jealousy,” he said when opening the Tenom Umno Youth and Puteri Umno delegates meetings, here today.

Annuar said the idealism of young Umno leaders should be viewed positively because it could help strengthen the party, especially in dealing with future challenges.

“Young Umno leaders can be critical at times because they love to put their views across. This must not be seen in a bad light since they have their own idealism.”

Hence, Umno should not worry about the possibility of losing young leaders to new political parties because many young leaders are waiting in the wings to fill the vacuum.