Adenan serenades wife on her birthday

Adenan-Satem-wife KUCHING: In a rare public show of affection, Sarawak Chief Minister Adenan Satem serenaded his wife with a song in conjunction with her 61st birthday yesterday.

According to a report in the Borneo Post Online, he sang the evergreen “Can’t Help Falling In Love” made popular by Elvis Presley after Jamilah Anu was presented with a birthday cake during the prize-giving ceremony at the Sarawak Classic 2016 golf tournament in Kelab Golf Sarawak (KGS) here.

Adenan also presented his wife with a bouquet comprising 61 stalks of roses. The couple’s son Azizul Anwar Adenan and two grandchildren were on the main stage as well for the special dedication. The attendees, comprising the tournament’s participants, also stood up and sang along with Adenan.

Earlier, tournament patron Dr George Chan, praised Adenan for being an outspoken leader while also noting that Jamilah was an extraordinary woman.

Chan said Adenan’s golfing buddies were happy he was doing a good job in leading the state.

“The golfing buddies have been saying that they have had a wonderful golfing buddy who has now become the greatest and best chief minister that we have. You (Adenan) are blessed to have these sort of friends who are very proud of you for what you are doing for the state.

“I must say looking around the whole of Malaysia, this is the only sane state. The only sane one because we have some sanity, and because we have a very, very sane chief minister,” said Dr Chan, himself a former deputy chief minister.

Also present were Dr Chan’s wife Lorna Enan Muloon, Sarawak Golf Association president Hoan Kee Hock and KGS captain Dr David Ling.

Adenan also sang the same song last year for Jamilah’s birthday last year (see clip below).