FFM dispute, boycott will hurt film industry

FFMPETALING JAYA: The dispute over the Best Film nomination in the Malaysian Film Festival (FFM) is not good for the industry and will only hurt it in the long run, a local director said.

“Love, Supermoon” director Wan Hasliza Wan Zainuddin called for all parties involved in the local film industry to move forward, Astro Awani reported.

“In light of the decision made by the Communications and Multimedia Ministry, for the new rules on Best Film and the introduction of a new category for Best Film in the National Language, the focus should be on producing good and quality work.

“I agree that the national language should be given the spotlight but I also feel that the industry standards must kept at a high level,” she was quoted as saying by Astro AWANI yesterday.

Wan Hazliza was responding to the action of some of her fellow members in the Film Directors Association of Malaysia (FDAM), which said it will boycott the 28th edition of the most prestigious local awards for the film industry, following the directive by the ministry.

As a nominee for Best Director, Wan Hazliza shared the view by Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak that the move to remove the Best Non-Bahasa Malaysia (BM) Film and introduce the new award for BM films only would spur more excellence in the local film scene.

“Faced by competition from other non-BM films, I’m sure that the local film industry can be guaranteed the high quality standard,” she said, according to Astro Awani.

Joining Wan Hazliza was “Terbaik Dari Langit” director, Nik Amir Mustapha, who told Awani that industry practitioners should move on and not prolong the matter.

“Our standard is far behind if we were to compare to international standard. So, why are we busy fighting over such a trivial issue,” he was quoted as saying by Astro Awani.