Man wanting sex ends up RM2,600 poorer

michael-chongKUALA LUMPUR: All he wanted was a one-night stand with a call girl he had met over the internet, but 38-year-old Low (not his full name), ended up being taken for a ride by a conman and losing RM2,600.

Relating his experience to MCA Public Services and Complaints Department chief Michael Chong today, Low said he got to know the girl – Ann Ann, via Facebook and messaging app Wechat, recently.

He couldn’t resist the temptation when Ann Ann told him that she offered sexual services for a fee of RM600 per night.

An arrangement was made to meet the girl at a convenience store in Sungei Wang Plaza.

However, Ann Ann was a no show and all Low got was a call from a man speaking with a thick Chinese accent, asking him to purchase a MoI Points card worth RM600, which is commonly used as vouchers to purchase mobile games online.

Low complied with this request and the man demanded Low purchase more Mol Points vouchers for another RM2,000. The caller said the fee was for “risk management”, which is for Ann Ann’s “protection”, and even threatened to break Low’s leg if he refused to comply.

The man said the RM2,000 would be returned to Low after the tryst and then asked for a further RM3,000 as “insurance fee.”

This was when Low became suspicious and lodged a police report. He still receives calls from the man until today.

Chong said he believed more people could be falling for such scams, but were ashamed to come forward and complain.

“I laud Low because he is brave enough to speak out and lodge a police report. I urge more “victims” to come forward, don’t be ashamed,” he said.

He added that Ann Ann – the girl whose picture was used by the conman in the social media accounts, could be a victim herself.