Muhyiddin: Don’t fall into Najib’s anti-DAP trap


PETALING JAYA: It comes as no surprise that Prime Minister Najib Razak would “demonise” DAP in order to divert attention from his alleged wrongdoings, said Muhyiddin Yassin.

The former deputy prime minister was responding to Najib’s “irresponsible and premature” claim that the new Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) would not benefit the Malays due to its cooperation with DAP.

“I am well aware that this is one of the dirty tactics Najib and his men would use to scare the Malays (against supporting Bersatu),” said Muhyiddin in a Facebook posting today.

“DAP will be demonised as the bogeyman for the Malays.

“They (Umno) will continue to say that DAP is the Malays’ main enemy while, at the same time, ask them to defend Najib, who currently is implicated in the worst financial scandal ever seen in the Malay history.”

The former Umno No. 2 also cautioned the public against falling into Najib’s “anti-DAP” trap.

He also challenged Najib into accepting former Premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s offer for a debate, instead of diverting public attention by looking for the flaws of others.

“Bersatu is committed to the anti-corruption and abuse of power agendas in order to create good governance and an administration that is clean, trustworthy and one with integrity. This is the main weakness of Najib’s administration.

“If Najib is brave, and wishes to clear his name, then he should debate with Mahathir. No more hiding, and no more excuses.”

Bersatu was formed by Mahathir as a platform for Umno members and supporters who are unhappy with the way the party is managed under the leadership of its president, Najib, but who are not ready to fully switch to other Opposition parties.

It will work alongside other Opposition parties, including DAP.

Muhyiddin last week went to the Registrar of Societies to apply for registration of the party. He is its pro-tem president and Mahathir is its pro-tem chairman.