Nazri: More new parties better for Umno

Nazri-Aziz_umno_600PADANG RENGAS: The more political parties there are in the country, the better the chances for Umno to win in the 14th General Election (GE14), Umno supreme council member Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz has said.

According to a report in Sinar Harian, Nazri encouraged even more new parties to be formed and expressed his hope that former Umno Vice-President Shafie Apdal would form a new party of his own as well, following in the footsteps of former Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin.

He reasoned that the formation of new parties would not split the Malays as some believed, but instead split the Opposition as they scrambled to compete for seats in the next general election.

“I have a different view because I encourage more parties to be formed. The more parties there are, the more Opposition parties there are.

“The more parties formed by traitors, the better it is because they will certainly fight among themselves for seats,” the Malay daily reported him as saying after the Padang Rengas Umno division delegates meeting at the Mara Junior Science College (MRSM) in Kuala Kangsar yesterday.

Nazri said history was replete with incidences of those who had gone against an institution, eventually falling themselves.

He added that even if they regretted their action and came back to the party, they would not be given top positions as the Malay community already held them with contempt.

“That’s why loyalty is so important. I feel the majority of Umno members are loyal to the party and loyalty among the grassroots is strong.

“Leaders like Tun Mahathir, Muhyiddin, Shafie Apdal, Mukhriz and Rafidah Aziz, who have gone against the party, should be reminded of the loyalty many others have for Umno.

“To me, these leaders must be reminded of the loyalty normal members have for the party. (Umno President) Najib (Razak) has remained because there are members who are loyal to the party,” Nazri said.