‘Climate of shame’ currently enveloping the country, says Zaid

zaid,leaderPETALING JAYA: Malaysia needs a new prime minister as the “climate of shame” currently enveloping the country has caused its people to slip into an “Age of Irrelevance.”

In his latest blog entry titled: “The curse of being irrelevant”, former Law Minister Zaid Ibrahim said this irrelevance was evident by the many “puerile and senseless statements” being made by its public figures.

He mentioned Prime Minister Najib Razak as taking pride of place at the very top of this list for saying things were “normal” despite the current goings-on in the world.

Admitting that there may still be certain leaders like those of Indonesia and Ukraine who would still come to see Najib on various issues, he added, “Even so, the Prime Minister now knows the pain of being ostracised and of not being accepted as a ‘normal’ head of government.”

Zaid was sure however that no leader could accept Najib with “respect and admiration” any longer, and that the PM had become irrelevant, leaving him to focus on Umno members instead, who continued to support him against the “foreigners” out to get him.

He also argued that Najib’s irrelevance on the world stage had trickled down to those in civil service, including the country’s ministers.

“If our Prime Minister is seen to be irrelevant then we too feel the pain of being irrelevant. The heads of the civil service departments and Ministers also join Najib in this world of irrelevance. They need to share the pain with him.”

To illustrate his point, he mentioned the “meaningless” statements that have made headlines in recent weeks.

He mentioned the prohibition of Pokémon Go; the latest ruling by the Immigration Department that non-Muslim maids cannot serve Muslim families; and claims by Red Shirts leader Jamal Md Yunos that 300,000 people would show up for his second gathering with at least 40 per cent of the participants, made up of Chinese.

“Others will follow suit, and the crasser, stupider or more puerile the statement, the better chance the maker will have of getting in the news,” Zaid said, cautioning once again that this Age of Irrelevance would only end if a new prime minister came on board.

“This is to stop the ugly feeling of shame and humiliation that has engulfed all of us — including Umno supporters, I’m sure.

“It’s this climate of shame that has made some of us say or do stupid things. We are better than this — but, first, Najib must go.”