Najib credited for success of National Blue Ocean Strategy

NBOS,-Najib-Razak,-Ali-Hamsa,-National-Blue-Ocean-StrategyPUTRAJAYA: Prime Minister Najib Razak has been credited for the success of the National Blue Ocean Strategy (NBOS).

Malaysia’s Chief Secretary to the Government Ali Hamsa put on record at the opening of the International Conference on Blue Ocean Strategy (ICBOS) here today that Najib had been the driving force behind the success of the NBOS since its inception.

According to Ali, Najib had made the NBOS a key priority in Malaysia’s quest towards achieving a high-income developed nation by 2020.

“We began our Blue Ocean journey in 2009, which is the brainchild of our prime minister.

“What began with a few selected initiatives involving a small number of government ministries and agencies has now evolved to more than 90 initiatives that significantly touch the lives of many Malaysians,” he said.

The ICBOS themed “Transforming Nations through Creativity and Innovation” is being held in conjunction with the 2016 NBOS International week that began on Sunday and ends on Aug 20 at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC).

Ali said Najib had chaired the NBOS Summit meetings with the presence of key ministers and public officials at least three times a year, which were held to ensure smooth implementation and timely intervention of any impending challenges that might arise.

“We thank you Sir, for your unwavering support and commitment to walk this journey with us,” he said.

NBOS is based on the principles of high impact, low cost and rapid execution, enabling to quickly deliver important projects that benefit the people of Malaysia in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Ali said NBOS had fostered closer collaboration and coordination between government agencies and enhanced the participation of various stakeholders, including the private sector and non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

“The success would not have been achieved if not for the commitment of all parties to implement the NBOS initiatives and most importantly, in gaining citizens’ support,” he said.