Robots, drones to prevent crime in future


PETALING JAYA: Malaysian police may be using robots and drones in the near future, Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar said.

He said they could help send out alerts to police and disrupt or delay a crime in progress, Malay Mail Online reported.

Speaking at an international conference on the National Blue Ocean Strategy here, Khalid said robots and drones could be used to capture and send videos of a crime in progress.

Malay Mail Online said police officers were now being trained to handle drones, adding that they will be used to monitor public rallies.

TheSun said police already have four drones.

“We can envisage that in the near future (of policing), technology will deploy eyes in the sky called ‘The Hummingbird’, which will be the patrolling drones of our streets and housing estates.

“With heat and movement sensors, they will accurately pick up life forms loitering and lurking at streets or even rooftops, posing potential threats.”

Khalid said the drones can alert the nearest police station or patrol car.