I never conspired with Anwar and Daim, says Sanusi


PETALING JAYA: Anwar Ibrahim, Daim Zainuddin and Sanusi Junid never existed as a team, or “conspirators”.

According to former minister Sanusi Junid, former Deputy Prime Minister Musa Hitam was never “so great” as to require an alliance or a band of conspirators to orchestrate his fall.

Sanusi denied he had ever reported anything bad about Musa to former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, “what more conspire to overthrow him”.

Speaking to FMT, Sanusi, however, admitted that he did have a team formed to defend Mahathir but it was made up of the late minister Megat Junid Megat Ayub and the late Kip Bahadun (Kamarulzaman Bahadun), who was Umno’s executive secretary at the time.

He explained that he had heard rumours that Musa had been vocal about his opinions regarding Mahathir’s policies even after Musa had won the position of Umno deputy president and deputy prime minister due to Mahathir’s support.

“When Tun Mahathir suggested a contest for the post of Umno deputy president to determine who would become deputy prime minister, I was asked by Tun Mahathir himself to lead the campaign in support of Tun Musa, even though I felt that Tengku Razaleigh was more worthy,” he said in a text message to FMT.

He said that while he was working at Chartered Bank, Tengku Razaleigh was heading Bank Bumiputera.

Then when he worked as the chairman at Tugu Insurance, Tengku Razaleigh was also a CEO of an insurance company owned by Pernas.

“In short, I had the chance to evaluate Tengku Razaleigh’s capability, but I never knew of Tun Musa’s capability and experience.

“However, I still campaigned for Tun Musa at Tun Mahathir’s request.”

Sanusi said according to intelligence obtained through the home minsitry, Musa was jealous of both Tengku Razaleigh – for having being able to maintain his position in the Cabinet even after he had lost against him twice in the contest for the position of deputy president – and of Anwar Ibrahim’s progress.

Sanusi revealed that a motion was put forward by Musa’s “close friends” for a special general assembly to be held for Musa’s return as Umno deputy president and deputy prime minister.

“This meant that Tun Musa wanted to get the mandate from Umno directly because previously Tun Musa had won due to Tun Mahathir’s support,” he alleged.

Sanusi said Mahathir was worried that if Musa couldn’t support Mahathir’s policies even after he had won through the former premier’s goodwill and support, what would happen if Musa won based on the demands of the Umno General Assembly — without Mahathir’s support.

“Three days before the Umno Supreme Council meeting, Tun Mahathir called me and informed me that if in the meeting a decision was made to hold an Umno Special General Assembly, Mahathir would immediately resign as he was confident that the assembly would push for Tun Musa’s return as deputy president and deputy prime minister.

“Such a decision, which was believed to unite Umno, would instead affect Tun Mahathir’s leadership.

“Therefore, I met with Datuk Senu (Abdul Rahman, Tan Sri Khir Johari and Tun Mustapha to get their advice on how to defeat the motion in the supreme council.

“Based on Tun Mustapha’s comments, Kip and I, along with Megat, went into operation.

“When the vote was made in the supreme council, the decision shocked Tun Musa’s friends as only three supreme council members supported the decision to hold a Special General Assembly.”