Remarkable ‘unknown’ postman earns doctor’s praise


PETALING JAYA: A postman who took the pains to make out the mostly ineligible handwriting on an envelope and ensured it was delivered to the right address, has earned the recipient’s praise for a job well done.

In a Facebook posting yesterday, a group calling themselves Only in Malaysia, uploaded a picture of the letter in question with the caption: “Today’s feel good story. Good job to Pos Malaysia Berhad and that unknown postman who took the effort to read and deliver to the address written by the Dr’s special brother.”

Accompanying the picture was a letter of praise sent to English daily The Star on Aug 12, by the recipient himself, a Dr Phang Hoong Chee of Kota Kinabalu.

In his letter, the doctor explains that his brother, Kah Fai who has Down Syndrome had sent him the letter but that the writing of his address on the envelope was hard to decipher.


“Nevertheless, the staff of Pos Malaysia, from the receiving officer to the sorting hall to the postman on wheels, have gone beyond reasonable expectations to ensure that the letter was delivered to the right address across the South China Sea,” Dr Phang wrote.

He said these sorts of “simple acts” were what restored his faith in Malaysians at a time of great uncertainty in the country.

“Simple acts like this by the unsung everyday heroes of Malaysia restore hope at a time when political uncertainty and economic anxiety reign.”

“For as long as we have Malaysians who take pride in their work and discharge their duties responsibly, there is hope for this country of ours,” Dr Phang added, while expressing his thanks and respect for the staff of Pos Malaysia.