Engineers offer to rehabilitate Pasar Besar Melaka Central

Pasar Besar Melaka Central

KUALA LUMPUR: The 12-year old Pasar Besar Melaka Sentral, said the Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM) in a statement, appears to have been built on ground raised with fill placed over thick soft and compressible soils. “This has induced large subsidence in the ground.”

The process, known to engineers, require an extremely long time to complete when unappreciated and therefore, unmitigated against, added the statement.

The distresses manifested at the market could most likely be attributed to this, said IEM. “Media reports have proffered soil erosion and ground settlement as causes of the problems.”

IEM said it was most unfortunate that 342 traders have been ordered by the Melaka Government to vacate their stalls at the Pasar Besar Melaka Sentral as the result of severe structural integrity problems. “This follows investigation by Jabatan Kerja Raya Malaysia.”

IEM said that it has qualified members with the appropriate engineering expertise and skills to assist the authorities in identifying comprehensively the causes for the distresses.

It can also help access the building’s state of integrity so that actions needed for rehabilitation of the facility can be correctly instituted.

With the present state of distress in the market posing a threat to public safety, IEM considers it appropriate that timely action was taken to evacuate the traders and restrict public access to the compromised facility.