Set up retrenchment fund now, PSM urges govt


PETALING JAYA: Set up a workers’ retrenchment fund now, Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) has urged the government in light of the increasingly troubled workers’ situation nationwide.

Party Secretary-General A Sivarajan urged Human Resources Minister Richard Riot to set up the retrenchment fund quickly as many companies were closing down.

“The minister must pay special attention to these cases. He has to tackle the problem now. He cannot postpone until a bill is tabled.”

Sivarajan pointed to how 400 workers of High-5 Consolidated Bhd and Paragon Converters Sdn Bhd were retrenched over the past two months.

Another 300 workers from the Automobile Association of Malaysia (AAM) also alleged that they had not received their pay for the last four months, but the management yesterday promised to pay all arrears soon.

PSM is currently gathering 20,000 signatures nationwide for a petition to pressure the government into hastening the bill.

PSM Treasurer Soh Sook Hwa said the signatures would be sent directly to the Human Resources Ministry.

“This is to help those workers with no access to any compensation, should they lose their jobs,” she told FMT. “We can foresee more retrenchments in the near future.”

Soh attributed this to the lack of pro-worker policies to protect workers, as well as the general economic malaise faced by companies nationwide.

PSM has distributed leaflets and cards for signatures in Perak and Pahang at present.

A hotline set up for retrenched workers to send in their complaints has seen at least 300 complaints being filed in July alone.