TI Malaysia head launches book on graft, crime


KUALA LUMPUR: Transparency International Malaysia President Akhbar Satar has launched his first book on corruption, integrity and crime in Malaysia.

The book, written in Bahasa Malaysia, is titled “Rasuah, Jenayah & Malaysia” and is a compilation of Akhbar’s writings over a period of four years on specific cases of corruption and crime in the country, as well as his ideas and views on the topics.

“There are not many books which talk about corruption in Malaysia, and there are even fewer written in Bahasa Malaysia.

“So, for those interested in the topic, there is a lack of reference books,” he said at the book launching at Help University today.

“The idea behind this book was to share all the knowledge I have garnered over 35 years in the field of battling corruption and crime,” said Akhbar, who had served in the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission for 18 years, before opting for early retirement.

Akhbar, who then set up his own fraud investigation firm, said that his book contained real examples of issues, case studies and statistics. These would be a useful resource for students and researchers studying anti-corruption efforts and criminology.

He said articles in the book were a compilation of his writings which had been published in local daily, Berita Harian, from 2012 to May this year.

“Each article is only about 600 words. The information is very compact and makes for easy reading,

“In the articles, I talk on an issue, the problems and how we can solve them,” he said, adding the topics covered issues related to both the public and private sector.

While Akhbar is known best as a transparency and anti-corruption advocate, he is also a criminologist, and his knowledge and insights on crime are also reflected in the book.

Akhbar, who holds a Master’s in Criminal Justice Studies from the University of Detroit in the United States, is also a certified fraud examiner and forensic polygraph examiner.

Since 2006, Akhbar has served as the director of Help University’s Institute of Crime and Criminology.

The book was launched by Malaysia Crime Prevention Foundation Chairman Lee Lam Thye.

“Rasuah, Jenayah & Malaysia” retails for RM18 and can be purchased from Akhbar and Associates. Those interested in picking up a copy can call 03-6201 5011 or 03 6206 1296.