Husband runs away, wife harassed by loan sharks


PETALING JAYA: A 32-year-old woman is forced to endure harassment from loan sharks after her debtor husband went into hiding.

The Star reported that the mother of three, who only wanted to be known as Oh had her business outlet splattered with paint days after he ran away, last month.

Tired of her predicament, Oh sought the help of MCA Public Services and Complaints Department head Michael Chong Thursday.

According to Oh, she is in the process of divorcing her 33-year-old estranged husband, who had accrued a large amount of debt from loan sharks.

The man had left a message with his brother, saying he had to run away as he owed too much money, and asked the brother to help take care of the three young children.

Since the man fled, Oh had been receiving threatening text messages from the loan sharks. They have even threatened to abduct her and her children if the debts are not paid up.

Chong meanwhile, asked the runaway husband to “man up” and face the loan sharks himself. He also took the loan sharks to task for harassing the innocent.