Muhyiddin names MO1 and wants action taken against Nawawi


KUALA LUMPUR: Former deputy prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin said “with certainty” that the “Malaysian Official 1” mentioned in the US Department of Justice’s (DoJ) civil action is Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

He declared in a statement today that Najib was the person identified in the DoJ filings as MO1.

“As I am definitely right, I ask Umno members to reflect if this is the person they want as their party leader. I ask Malaysians if this is the leader they want as Prime Minister.”

He said it was also important for the authorities to name MO1 to ensure that, “no one else can be defamed in the way the Agong has been defamed” by Langkawi MP Nawawi Ahmad.

Muhyiddin, the protem president of the newly formed Bersatu, said enough description had been given on MO1 in the DoJ filings to name the person. “This matter must be put to rest.”

Nawawi, he charged, had committed Lese Majeste by “defaming, insulting and dragging” the Agong into the 1MDB corruption scandal.

Muhyiddin said: “By suggesting that MO1, the corrupt official in the USA DoJ proceedings, is the Agong, he has committed criminal defamation.”

“In order to defend the indefensible, the Langkawi MP dragged and smeared the sacred institution of the Rulers in this scandal by suggesting that MO1 is the Agong.”

He said the Attorney-General’s Chambers, which had charged bloggers, cartoonists, lawyers and opposition leaders for sedition and under Sosma, must now use those same laws against Nawawi.

Saying the Agong was the highest institution in the land, he called on the people to rise up and insist that the Attorney-General show the same vigour in defending and protecting the Agong “as he did in clearing Najib of allegations of corruption”.

He said it was “revolting” that the government’s institutions for checks and balances had been crippled, and “shameful” that none of the state muftis and ulamak dared to comment on the matter.

It was “repulsive” to Umno grassroots members that the party was incapable of correcting its Supreme Council and top leadership, Muhyiddin claimed.

Saying, when Umno leaders and politicians behaved as they did now, the people must accept that the party was beyond redemption, he added:

“Umno cannot be saved if it is incapable of removing corrupt leaders. Umno must be buried if it cannot defend the institution of the Agong, but is more concerned with defending its president.”