Penang Gerakan war of words gets hotter


PENANG: Penang Gerakan Vice-Chairman Oh Tong Keong today denied he had tarnished the image of Dr Thor Teong Gee who quit the party in a huff Thursday.

Oh told a press conference he had told the truth about what transpired at a meeting between party president Mah Siew Keong and the Gerakan Jelutong Division on July 14 when he spoke to the Chinese media.

Dr Thor, the Gerakan deputy secretary-general, on Thursday resigned from all his posts in the party, including as Penang Gerakan Committee member, blaming Oh for “attacks” on his character.

Thor alleged that Oh had been quoted in the China Press as having given three reasons why Dr Thor had not been selected as the coordinator, and likely candidate, for the Sungai Pinang state seat in the next General Election.

The reasons were that Dr Thor had been mostly absent from division meetings, that he rarely met with constituents since the last polls and that he had “not bothered” to handle division level matters.

Saying Dr Thor had forced him to disclose the discussion at the Central Working Committee meeting of July 15, Oh said Dr Thor had asked to be made coordinator for Sungai Pinang, one of three state constituencies under the Jelutong Division.

“The president then reminded him of the objection from the Jelutong Division (to Dr Thor standing in Sungai Pinang). I was then offered the seat,” Oh said, adding, “I said clearly at the CWC meeting that I will have to talk to the division on the offer by the president.”

Dr Thor, he said, was then asked by the president to choose another seat.

“Dr Thor has been unfairly making comments on state and division matters. Penang Gerakan and the division have taken up many issues in highlighting the plight of the people over the last three years with no participation or help from Dr Thor,” Oh said today.