Prison warders need training to overcome Daesh influence


KUALA LUMPUR: It is imperative that prison warders be fortified with spiritual, mental and physical training to thwart influence from convicts linked to the Daesh group of militants.

Although the convicts are placed in separate cells, there is a high tendency they can influence the warders, notes Dr Fathul Bari Mat Jahya, a member of the Prevention of Terrorism Board under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (Pota).

“Thus, warders need to be trained in understanding the gravity of the issue (involving the Daesh).

“As they have been assigned to these convicts, they need to be firmer and not be easily influenced by them (Daesh-linked convicts).

“This follows an incident where a prison warder was approached by a convict who was linked to the Jordan Daesh militant group.

“Thankfully, in Malaysia, the situation is under control although there are concerns as it (influence of Daesh convicts on warders) has happened abroad.

“These convicts are able to influence the warders by displaying their ‘pious conviction’ such as through their prayers and mannerism,” Fathul Bari told Bernama after attending the “Civil Society Conference on National Security” here today.

He said to date, a total of 236 people were detained under the Security Offences (Special Measures)(Sosma) Bill 2012.

Of the number, 11 are held under Pota.