Proton: Minimal impact from taxi reform plan by SPAD


PETALING JAYA: Proton does not see its business being affected by the Taxi Industry Transformation Programme (TITP), which was announced by the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) earlier this week.

Proton Holdings CEO Ahmad Fuaad Kenali said the government’s decision to allow other car models to be used as taxis would have “minimal impact” on the national carmaker, The Malaysian Reserve reported today.

“The sale of our cars as taxis is not huge compared with our overall annual sales,” the financial daily quoted Ahmad as saying.

He went on to reveal that Proton only sold about 3,000 vehicles to taxi companies last year with the Persona emerging as the top choice.

In unveiling its much-anticipated taxi reform plan, SPAD said operators can choose other car models to be used as taxis.

Meanwhile, a taxi drivers group said allowing other car brands to be used as taxis contradicted objectives set by the government for the Teksi 1Malaysia (Teks1M) programme.

“This new rule contradicts SPAD’s earlier objective to use only Proton Exora for the Teks1M programme,” Association for the Transformation of Malaysian Taxi Drivers Vice-President Kamaruddin Mohd Hussain was quoted as saying by The Malaysian Reserve.

“Proton has always offered affordable pricing for their vehicles to be used as taxis. We should be proud of the Malaysian brand and we want to promote the national brands.

“Not many taxi drivers can also afford to replace their taxis with other brands” he added.