‘Listen, listen, listen’ lady is a lawyer now

K S Bawani

KUALA LUMPUR: Still remember the young lady who argued on the right to free education with the president of the Suara Wanita 1 Malaysia (SW1M) Sharifah Zohra Jabeen three years ago?

The brave young lady, K S Bawani, became the centre of the viral “Listen, listen, listen” video, which became the talk of the town in 2013 and has garnered some 1,403,455 views on YouTube.

Bawani is now a lawyer, after completing her nine-month chambering at a law firm in Ipoh, following her graduation from Universiti Utara Malaysia, where she obtained her law degree.

Bawani’s law degree is her second degree after her psychology degree.

Speaking to FMT, Bawani’s mother Suppamah Ramasamy said she was very proud of her daughter’s achievements.

When asked whether Bawani was interested in going into politics, Suppamah said for the time being, Bawani’s focus was on her law career.

“She has been asked the same question many times. For now she does not want to get into politics, but perhaps in the future she might be interested.

“She wants to contribute to society, and uphold the truth for those who need it,” she said, adding the chambering had taught Bawani a lot on become a good lawyer.

Bawani, who is the third of five children, is a Parti Socialist Malaysia (PSM) activist and will continue to fight for the right to free education in the country.

“Through PSM, Bawani will continue to fight for free education, not for her, but for future generations.”

At the same time, Bawani will go down to the ground and help open the Kampar PSM branch this September.