Umno Youth man slams ‘reckless driving’ video


PETALING JAYA: A member of the Umno Youth leadership, Nazir Hussin Akhtar, has been accused of reckless driving in an online video clip that has been widely shared after being posted on Facebook last night.

Facebook user Farizul Hakim Kamarudin, who posted the clip, said he was driving along the Middle Ring Road II with his family when repeated honking from the rear and tail-gating caused an accident.

He alleged that Nazir was involved.

However, Nazir said Farizul should be more careful before making any accusations against him.

“How would he know the individual in the car was me? Does he know how many cars I have?,” he said when contacted by FMT.

“I am advised by my lawyers not to make any comments. It is better for me not to rebut.”

Nazir added he would send a message to ask Farizul about the matter.

“I regard this as a personal attack. He wrote it on Facebook and tagged the Opposition to embarrass me,” he said.