Chong Wei lookalike swamped with Facebook friend requests


PETALING JAYA: She may be a woman but 24-year-old Ika Syazwani’s almost identical resemblance to national badminton hero Lee Chong Wei has earned her a steady stream of friend requests on Facebook, some even coming from complete strangers.

The excitement to befriend the Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) student came after she posted a congratulatory message to Lee on Facebook for his performance in the Rio Olympics that said: “Congrats my twin! #DatoLCW” accompanied by pictures of herself and Lee placed side by side.

Amazed at their facial similarities, the post was shared many times over, with a steady stream of Facebook users now eager to get to know Ika personally.

“Who knew that people would say I look like Datuk Lee Chong Wei. Maybe its because we have a similar facial structure,” The Star Online quoted Ika as saying.

No stranger to being told she looked like Lee, Ika’s images went viral way back in 2013 and resurfaced recently after the badminton players’s nail-biting performances at the Rio Olympics.

“I always feel like laughing about it because to me, the whole thing is funny. I did not expect it to become viral,” she said, explaining that it could possibly be because her grandmother is Chinese.

A huge fan of Lee’s herself, Ika was glued to the live telecasts of all his matches at the Rio Olympics recently and posted regular updates on Facebook, the English daily reported.

“Datuk Lee is in top form. I was so excited, I even felt like going to Rio. It was even more exciting when Datuk Lee got to the finals. I felt so proud,” she told The Star Online.

“During the finals, he looked like he was tired. Maybe he did not get enough rest because of the semi-finals.

“Overall, Datuk Lee is the best. Even though it was a silver medal, but we know that he is one of the best players in the world. Congratulations once again,” she said.

As avid a badminton fan as she is, Ika is however more into automotive sports like drag racing and drifting but considering her admiration for Lee, she will likely keep following his career until he hangs up his racket for good.