Mukhriz: I had to work part-time while studying


PETALING JAYA: Former Premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad has been accused by his critics of amassing billions of ringgit while leading the country for over two decades.

However, his son, Mukhriz, told a different story, saying he had to work part-time while studying in Japan just to support his daily expenses.

“I was sent to Japan to further my studies. There, I worked part-time in a bank with a salary of only RM350 a month.

“I worked five days a week and used the salary to support my needs,” said the former Kedah menteri besar to Malay daily Sinar Harian.

Mukhriz’s brother, Mokhzani, is one of the richest individuals in Malaysia.

Speaking further to the daily, the pro-tem treasurer of Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) said he had intentionally applied for a job as a waiter with a cafe to attract youths into working part-time.

This, he hoped, would subsequently reduce the unemployment rate.

He added that youths do not have to waste their time at home after completing their studies but should instead seek employment, regardless of the salary.

“If there is an employment opportunity, seize it.”

Last month, Mukhriz had come under the spotlight for responding to a waiter’s vacancy at a cafe in Kedah.

He did this on the cafe’s Instagram advertisement and said he was ready to work full time as he was currently unemployed.

“Man – yes, definitely a man. Can work full time – don’t even have a job. Aged 18 and above – I’m already 52. Punctual – with God’s will. Interesting character – (I’m) Quite interesting,” he wrote.