Lee Chong Wei ready to take on doppelgänger

Lee Chong WeiPETALING JAYA: Badmintion world number one, Lee Chong Wei says he is ready to go toe to toe with his supposed female doppelganger Ika Syazwani.

According to a report in The Star Online, Lee said he would oblige to playing a match with Ika when asked by reporters after an event if he would love to play against the Universiti Utara Malaysia student.

“Can. If we have time, we can arrange it,” he said after a prize presentation ceremony by XOX Mobile for Malaysia’s medal-winning Rio Olympic athletes and coaches.

Recently, Ika, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Lee, became a social media sensation after pictures of her made its rounds online.

Ika, who is a big fan of Lee, said she received some 4,000 Facebook friend requests shortly after and has wanted to meet Lee in person since 2010, and play a game of badminton with him.

In a separate report by The Star Online on the prize presentation, Lee denied rumours he had a net worth of RM300 million as claimed by a website, thecelebritiesnetworth.com.

The website claimed Lee, a three-time Olympic silver medalist had assets worth USD75 million in the form of luxury cars, properties and endorsement deals.

“If I have RM300 million I think I will stop playing badminton. I don’t think I will have to work, I will just sit at home.”

He said he did not believe Malaysian athletes could earn so much and that even earning RM10 million was tough for a badminton player as opposed to those who played golf, tennis or football professionally.

At the event, XOX Mobile – which Lee is an ambassador of – gave him RM110,000. Prior to this, Lee was rewarded with a RM200,000 cash prize from the Government and a lifetime pension of RM3,000.

He also received a RM1.5 million condominium from a property developer for his performance in the recent Olympics.